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Contribute to our clients generating knowledge, from subsurface technical data, to support efficient decision-making, reducing uncertainty and optimizing E&P value chain processes.


Consolidate as the leading company in Mexico and Latin America in the hydrocarbon sector with solutions in Geosciences applied to subsurface technical data, in accordance with our principles.


* Quality management and process security.
* Development and management of staff competencies.
* High integration of national content.
* Innovation and incorporation of advanced technologies applied to operational workflows.
* Corporate social responsibility.
* Profitability and growth.
* Collaborative and multidisciplinary work environment.



We always manage ourselves with integrity.


We fulfill our duties and are conscious of our obligations.


We always seek to innovate in processes and technologies.

Service Orientation

We constantly focus on meeting the needs of our clients (external and internal).

Geoprocesados Experience section icon. Experience

More than 20 years as regional leaders in seismic processing and subsurface studies in Latin America.

Icon for seismic data experience section Seismic Data Processing

Representation of seismic data
Graphic image of seismic data

Application of advaced technologies with strategic technological alliances.

Improvement of Seismic Images with construction of velocity models in geologically complex areas.

Special processes focused on the characterization of deposits.

More than 71,000 km2 of 3D Seismic Processing, of which more than 52,000 km2 correspond to PSDM processes, and around 35,000 km of 2D Seismic Processing and Depth Image.

Processing Centers Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

Experience in marine (deep and shallow water) and land projects.

Icon for experience in characterization of reservoirs Reservoir Characterization

Image of a reservoir characterization.
Picture of a sunset well

Reserves Evaluation.

Reservoir Characterization for tertiary formations and natural fractured carbonate reservoirs.

Production optimization.

Generation of Locations

and Prospects.


Ícono de experiencia en administración de datos de subsuelo Subsurface Data Management

Map of the American continent with images of the coastal subsoil
Subsoil map of the Mexican Republic

Experience in National Databases for National Oil Companies.

Implementation of Last Generation Technologies to operate in private, public or hybrid clouds.

Registered Intellectual Property software platform for Administration and Management of subsurface data.

More than 12 Petabytes of Geophysical Information under management.

Oil Block Evaluation Projects for Bid Rounds.

Geoprocesados Services Icon Services

Geoprocesados is focused on providing integral subsurface technical data services to help our clients achieves success in their explorations and production activities.

Icon for seismic data Processing

Seismic Data Processing

Generation of reliable data and better images to reduce risk and help generate better subsurface models through de appropriate technologies.

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Icon for characterization of reservoirs

Reservoir Characterization

Analysis and interpretation of subsurface information reducing risks and increasing opportunities.

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Ícono de administración de datos de subsuelo

Subsurface Data Management

Visualize and analyze massive volumes of information, at any place and at any moment.

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Seismic Data Processing Service Icon Seismic Data Processing

  • +20 years of experience with the main oil operators in Mexico and Latin America.
  • Technological capacity: The DUG McCloud platform allows Geoprocesados to deliver customized solutions using DUG’s High-Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS), Seismic Processing and Imaging services, and the DUG Insight geoscience software offerings. This includes disk storage and a unique online archive facility that allows web-based data visualization.
  • Special processes to improve legacy 2D and 3D seismic.
  • Focused processes for reservoir characterization.
  • Velocity Models and depth migrations in with the latest technologies to improve seismic imaging.

Subsurface Imaging and Processing Technologies

  • Seimic Processing.
  • Full Waverform Inversion (FWI).
  • Tomographies and Migrations in Depth (RTM, LSRTM, QRTM).
  • Generation of gathers and azimuth images in depth.
Graphing seismic data with DUG
Seismic data image
3d image of a seismic process
Illustration of a seismic data
Subsoil image


Our advanced Seismic Processing and Imaging (P&I) services are backed by the power and cutting-edge technology of DUG McCloud.


This innovative Cloud platform allows us to deliver customized solutions to our clients by leveraging its High-Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS), Seismic P&I services, and DUG Insight geoscience software offerings. This includes least-squares imaging and high-frequency full-waveform inversion solutions.


DUG McCloud’s HPC is provided by some of the largest and greenest supercomputers in the world. This enables us to confidently deliver subsurface projects of any size and complexity – from streamer, ocean-bottom node and onshore surveys.

 Icon corresponding to the Deposit Characterization service. Reservoir Characterization

  • Comprehensive Exploration Strategy Services.
  • Attribute Analysis and Fracture Characterization.
  • Multidisciplinary Interpretation.
  • Rock Physics, Geomechanics and Pore Pressure Prediction.
  • Integral Solution in:
    – Fracture Natural Deposits.
    – Non-conventional deposits (shale and tight sands).
    – Opportunities in mature fields.

Interpratation and Characterization Technologies

  • Advanced Seismic Interpretation (Pre and Post stack).
  • Quantitative Interpretation.
  • Petrophysics.
  • Advanced integration of results.
Graphing a Reservoir along with Bluware
Graphical representation of a deposit
Characterization result
Sample of reservoir characterization solutions
Subsoil map of Mexico
Geosis data image
Map of Mexico seen on the Geosis Data and Geosis Cloud tool
Map of South America with a view from the Geosis-cloud tool

Subsoil Data Management Service Icon Subsurface Data Management

Geosis Data and Geosis Cloud

Storage and administration of the Subsurface Technical Data through its electronic platform Geosis Cloud, in which the Seismic information and Well Logs can be consulted at any time, and from any location.


Geosis Cloud is a platform developed by Geoprocesados which integrates multiple technologies that allow remote viewing and manipulation of technical data within a collaborative environment.


The Data of our clients is kept intact and safe within an electronic vault environment where, prior to storage, they are organized, standardized and diagnoses according to the highest standards in the industry.


Our technology has been developed from its concept, adopting the “End-to-end GPU support” trend. Regardless of the size of the data or its complexity, the user interaction will be total, observing the updates and results of the processes in the real time.


Geosis Data is integrated with Bluware´s Headwave platform for advanced viewing.

Main Benefits

Total Accessibility
Anywhere and from any platform.


Fully graphic environment
Based on Georeferenced portal, with views and personalized accesses.


Integration of Multiple Classes of Data
Work with 2D, 3D Seismic Information and combine with Well Information.

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Geoprocesados México

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